Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vacation High

I'm back from a week up north.
I was inspired by many things during my vacation. 

• My grandma's garden. 

• My mom's friend Cathy's fabulous home in the country.

• My mom. (Even though she'll deny it, her words of wisdom could fill the lake behind her!)

• My dad. Who wouldn't be inspired by a man who puts up his own garage BY HIMSELF in a matter of 2 months. (Um, that's while he's working full time.)

•My aunt Kathy (not pictured). The way she approaches life and all of the obstacles life puts in her path gives me something to reflect upon when I am feeling doubt, sadness or anger. Her actions - and her beautiful smile - are greater than words.

• And most of all by nature.


Therese said...

Beautiful photos, Jess, and beautiful words, too.
Is that Lake in the Clouds behind your mother?

I love Wisconsin. :-)

Carrie said...

Wow...such a great entry! I think I need to go there for a week. =)