Thursday, February 26, 2009

"So cute I could eat it!"

Just tonight at dinner Dan was commenting about a time when I said a baby was "so cute I could eat it!" Now, I know I have heard other people (probably women) say that before but he thinks it sounds like cannibalism. I see his point.
So when I got home and had an email from Gina sending me to Nieman Marcus to look at a cute dress she found I had to chuckle because her message said this:
"Are you kidding me?! Look at this luscious-ness! can you make this loveliness....if I could eat it I would."

The dress on the left is the edible one. And the one on the right is irresistible, too (and sort of reminds me of a frosted cake!)

Side note: I'm loving ombre right now. This dress is so adorable! (Also found on Nieman Marcus in the "things I'll never be able to afford" section)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

He loves me!

Thank you, Dan.
You knew what I wanted and you signed your name.
It's perfect!

Feelin' the Love

I love Valentine's Day. I think it's the colors and the chocolate. And it's the kickoff to the week before my birthday - what could be better than that, right?
This year I needle felted hearts. I strung a monofilament cord through each heart so they could be hung.

I also received Valentine's gifts this year. My friend Gina sent Dan and me a crafted paper heart pouch filled with chocolates - adorable! My sister sent me a heartfelt card (thank you!). And my awesome cousin Ann whom I visited this weekend gave me an uber-cool Vera Bradley drawstring bag which is lined so it's uses are limitless. Plus the print is so great. I love it! Oh, and I guess this was an engagement gift but it happened to be handed to me around Valentine's Day so I'll count it as dual purpose ;)

Monday, February 09, 2009

Can't decide for the life of me . . .

I think I've had more fun thinking about what the flower girls are going to wear than what I am going to wear! But the internet has caused me to go into an eternal cute spiral. The more dresses I find the more they lead me to more dresses which leads me to . . . UGH!

So here is a collection of dresses that I like.

And I'm still debating making them (with friend/coworker help). This dress isn't done yet but it is looking very cute. Practice material - those colors would never be Dan-approved (too many!).