Thursday, February 26, 2009

"So cute I could eat it!"

Just tonight at dinner Dan was commenting about a time when I said a baby was "so cute I could eat it!" Now, I know I have heard other people (probably women) say that before but he thinks it sounds like cannibalism. I see his point.
So when I got home and had an email from Gina sending me to Nieman Marcus to look at a cute dress she found I had to chuckle because her message said this:
"Are you kidding me?! Look at this luscious-ness! can you make this loveliness....if I could eat it I would."

The dress on the left is the edible one. And the one on the right is irresistible, too (and sort of reminds me of a frosted cake!)

Side note: I'm loving ombre right now. This dress is so adorable! (Also found on Nieman Marcus in the "things I'll never be able to afford" section)

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Riley and Family said...

see, I was drawn to the dress on the right - probably because like you said it looks like a frosted cake!

And I always say a baby's legs or cheeks or butt is so cute I could just bite it.