Friday, December 18, 2009

Vertigo Crafting

I've been couch-bound with vertigo for 5 days now.
Luckily I've been able to do a couple of craft projects that don't give me the spins!

Martha Stewart had a needle felted penguin that was too cute to pass up. Thanks, Martha, for inspiring me to make this. It gave me ideas for other creatures to create.


Anonymous said...

you are an artist and a poet...I love your works
grazie monica from rome

connector said...

My head is spinning-I'm SO sorry to hear about the vertigo-UGH!!!!!-from all these posts, I'm not even sure which to comment on-AMAZING! I thought of you when I saw the roving creatures-Love love LOVE what you did. Did you see her episode with the craft fair? Maybe we can start up our craft pen-palling again in '10? I'll try for monthly, but perhaps it gets sent when the mood strikes...I think of you often! Know there are projects floating around all the time out there with your name on them. Hope you are on the mend!

Carrie said...

Wow...dizzy and with a sharp object. You're so brave! But mostly you're talented! I love the gnome. He's so cute!