Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Sweater Project

A while back a co-worker asked if I'd make one of her daughter's sweaters (which she'd outgrown) into a cute creature. My friend Katie saw the post on my blog and asked if I'd do the same for her son, Logan. I'm always nervous making the first cut but if it's one thing I've learned it's that creativity can explode with greatness from mishaps. 
This sweater is from Chez Ami and I just have to put in a plug for their quality. As I was deconstructing the sweater I noticed how well-made it is.

I wanted the "L" to be special so I turned it into a cape! 

Judging by the look on Logan's face, he loves it. 

{P.S. How sweet is Logan?}


Therese said...

I love the L on the cape. It could stand for so many things, like . . . Love! And my second favorite thing are the ears. :-)

KRundell said...

yay! so excited that Logan and his critter made it onto your blog!!!