Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Craft Challenge Part Deux

The second Craft Challenge was brought to us by Carrie.
Carrie wanted us to think about our favorite children's book and create a collage based on that book.
I called my mom right away.
me: "Mom, what was my favorite book when I was little?"
mom: "Hmmmm, well Shannon really liked 'Jellybeans for Breakfast'"
me: "Yup, I remember that. Did I have a favorite book?"
mom: "Well . . . I don't think you ever gravitated towards one book. You actually really liked to listen to music - that was more your thing."
I did remember listening to Barry Manilow alot, but how would that even begin to translate into a collage? Maybe another Craft Challenge idea!
me: "The only book I really remember is 'Never Tease a Weasel.'"
mom: "Oh, yes! You and Shannon both really liked that book."
Alright then. We have a winner.

Carrie had an endearing story of her brother using books as a way to calm her nerves in times of stress (no need to worry, folks . . . the stress was of a "natural" kind, so-to-speak). The books she'd often ask him to read were the ones from the Berenstain Bears series.

Shelley had a couple of favorite books. One was "Frog and Toad are Friends" in which Frog loses a button. She used that concept to create a frame:

Shelley, who had a last-minute over-achiever moment, made a second frame. This one came from her fascination and love of fantastical princess books. I imagine these books also inspired what later turned into her choice of studies: costume design!

Next theme: We're entering a Mood Board contest on Decor8

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