Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Design Projects

I'm currently working on a variety of little side projects.
Two (or more) of them are for my long-time friend Erin who has recently moved. I blurred the address just in case the paparazzi are reading my blog.
The first is their moving cards:

We added the "woof" next to Sadie the dog's name since people would probably wonder when she had her 4th kid.
I also should give proper credit to my partner in all things, Dan, who helped me on this design.

The next project is the return address labels for their moving card envelopes. The envelope is a blue/turq color. Which one do you like? I'd be happy to design some for you, too! I can do custom orders.

Here are some that I've designed in the past:


edithmae said...

I like the tree the best.

georgiamom said...

I can't wait to see them in person! :)

I emailed you back to your home account, did you get it?